Ivy Gems


Ivy Gems Diamond Shop Company Limited is a company or juristic person.  That operate a business legally  It is intended to produce jewelry  That contains many precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, topaz, agate, spinel, and other rare gems.  In order to get a precious piece  Which is suitable for collecting jewelry  Or wear on occasion  On important days  To give your event a stylish and elegant style  And is unique in itself.

By various types of jewelry  It is decorated with real gold from 18k 16k 14k 9k metal silver and platinum metal.  Every piece is finely made, without blemishes.  By experienced craftsmen  And programmed by a professional designer  That has accumulated a lot of experience  To achieve the quality of work according to international standards  And accepted  In the jewelry industry.

Moreover, the company  Has participated in the national trade fair Bangkok gems and jewelry fair and other exhibitions  In order to allow everyone to see many different types of works  And various styles  With the eyes of all of you.

Every diamond has a glittering sparkle. No matter who wears it, it will be beautiful like a princess And the diamond ring is a precious piece of jewelry, all designed with modern designs Without flaws Diamond clear, sparkling water, luxury, suitable for women of all lifestyles.