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1. Company privacy IVY GEMS DIAMOND SHOP CO., LTD. Emphasizes the importance of protecting the privacy of customers. (In which the content hereafter referred to as “Ivy Gems Diamond Shop”) that visited the website of Ivy Gems Diamond Shop.
          In addition, Ivy Gems Diamond Shop attaches importance to notifying you about the use of personal information of customers. And customers can choose whether or not to use the information Therefore, the Ivy James diamond shop recommends and allow customers to carefully read and understand this privacy policy. For the safety of customers
         This privacy policy is intended to be used by visitors to the Ivy James diamond shop website. Which access via www.ivygemsdiamond.com Including other parts related to the Ivy James diamond shop website Including website pages that are in the online social networking services of third parties such as facebook, twitter, igtragram google youtube line etc. and via channels or advertisements. For support Ivy Gems Diamond Shop With customers both in Thailand and other countries Which is the goal
         This privacy policy is used to manage the information we collect via the website only.

2. Data storage and use Personal information
         Users can browse our website by browsing anonymously. But we will collect personal information that can identify an individual (“Personal Information”) regarding site users When users voluntarily register or otherwise use the site Contact us via the site. Or voluntarily providing information to buy products from the site, as the case may be, users of the site may provide personal information for many reasons. For example, to receive newsletters Product information Information about activities And various services to answer surveys Participate in contests and receive notifications about sales promotions on various occasions and in order to purchase products, as the case may be. The types of personal information we may collect include names, addresses, and phone numbers. Electronic mailing address And purchasing information such as credit or debit card information Which is used to buy and sell Chanel products, as the case may be. We may also use the information you provide in order to create customer profiles. In order to inform you about products or activities that may be of interest to you And in order to make future purchases more convenient and faster, as the case may be, we may combine personal information collected on the site with other information about users collected without connecting to the network to improve specific marketing Person or website content to better Or for other related purposes such as internal research If you need to know information about not allowing us to use your personal information for marketing purposes, see section 6 below.

B. Non-personal data
         We collect certain aggregated and non-personal information when you visit the site. This information is not relevant to visitors, people who can identify a person. But will only notify us of how many users have visited the site and pages visited This collection of information will help us improve the site to meet the needs of our visitors.
         When you visit a site to browse, read, or download information We will automatically store the standard computer data that your browser sends to every website you visit, such as your serial number. The type and language of the browsing program Visiting time And the referring website address In general, we do not associate standard computer data with things that will enable us to identify the user identity. Except to comply with our rules or terms of service Or to protect our service, site, users, or others.

         We may also collect aggregated and non-personal information through “cookies” or “web beacons” as described below.
         Cookies (“cookies”): Cookies are information that a website may send to your browser. Which will be stored in your computer system Cookies will be sent back to the website that deposited the cookies when visitors re-enter the site. Cookies tell us information, such as whether the user is a first-time visitor or has previously visited the site. And which parts of the website users are interested in the most Depositing cookies by the site may improve your online experience. By allowing us to save your preferences for your next visit In addition, our cookies may be used to measure general activity on the site. Which will allow us to determine which parts and which applications are most popular This information helps us improve the site.
         Web browser Most of them are set to accept cookies. However, you can set your browser to reject all cookies. Or to notify when cookies are sent However, if you choose not to accept cookies Some functions of the site may decrease quality.
         “Web beacons”: Web beacons, also known as “clear gifs”, “one-pixel gifs”, “web bugs”, “internet tag + s” or “pixel tags” are graphic images. Small addresses on websites or in emails Which allows us or third parties to observe activity on the site or make cookies more effective Web beacons enable us or third parties to work on our behalf to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our marketing. By submitting information about whether you have linked to elsewhere as appears on our email or website And by collecting information about the sites you visit before and after visiting our website However, we use log files to preserve information stored via web beacons.

3. Sharing personal information Under the disclosure requirements of the next order We will not disclose or sell information. About you to people who are not affiliated with us, unless (1) being in compliance with a law or legal process (2) being in compliance with an order of a law enforcement agency or other staff (3) we believe that Disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm. Loss or financial damage Or interference with our rights or property Or the rights or property of our users or others Or in connection with the investigation of a violation or suspected violation of the law. (4) We reasonably believe that you have used information from the site to conduct unlawful acts. Or acts that may endanger public health and / or safety, and / or (5) we believe that the law requires disclosure in good faith.
         We may appoint third party service providers to manage and / or operate or provide some services on our behalf. In doing so, proper conduct may result in the transfer of the information you have provided. Such tasks or services include site management. Communication with you in marketing or other matters relating to our products, services or special events And the delivery of the goods you have requested or ordered, as the case may be. However, the transfer of the said information must be done under the confidentiality and security. And is solely for the purpose of performing the said service or service
         We may also share your personal information with other third parties for marketing and sales promotion for products, services, or events that may be of interest to you. Transfer of this personal information Will be conducted under confidentiality and security And for the sole purpose of fulfilling those obligations.
         Information about refusing us to use your personal information for marketing purposes Please see section 6 below. However, please be aware that although you choose not to allow us to use your information for marketing campaigns We still have a duty to share certain information with third parties in accordance with the law. For example, if you choose not to receive marketing emails from us We may need to give your email address to a third party who has shared marketing with us in order to meet your request.

4. Information that is not requested We ask that you provide us with certain types of information on the site. So that we can better serve you Information requested here may include questions and comments about our products. Please refrain from giving us unsolicited information such as offers, ideas, methods, ideas, and similar things about businesses, advertising, creative work, marketing, or other categories (“Unsolicited Information” ) All non-requested information Including personal information that is not relevant to the information requested (for example, personal data that is not specifically related to the information requested) But is an independent text entry field) which, when we receive it Will not be considered under this privacy policy If you provide information that is not requested, it is considered that you agree that we can, at our sole discretion, how to use that information that is not requested. And you grant us permanently and permanently permission to do so without royalties If the requested information that you have provided to us is protected by copyright trademark Or other privileges of third parties You agree to indemnify, protect, and protect Chanel, its parent company, subsidiaries, and / or affiliates of Chanel. And officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, representatives and suppliers who are external parties to each of the above companies. (Collectively known as “Claimant of Channel Damage”) shall be free from any claims or lawsuits filed against any Channel claimant. Arising out of or relating to our use or possession of something that is not requested

5. Security Protecting your information is our first priority. We keep the information we store on a secure server and use appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information.
         However, we cannot guarantee and do not guarantee that our security level will be equal or higher than a specific standard. No information is sent over the internet. Or the stored data will be 100% safe or error-free as well.

However, we cannot guarantee and do not guarantee that our security level will be equal or higher than a specific standard. No information is sent over the internet. Or the information stored will be 100% safe or error-free as well. We cannot guarantee the security of our website, database or service. And we cannot guarantee that the information you provide will not be blocked during the transmission to us via the internet. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties.

6. Updating your personal information to be current And refusing to accept marketing communications In the event that such profile files are available and accessible If you wish to update your personal information You can change the information by accessing your history online and then changing the information.
         You can choose to stop receiving marketing emails. By using the system to reject accepting marketing emails If you want to reject only the email But including all other forms of marketing communications
         Moreover, even if you reject marketing communications We may still contact you to submit important information regarding your conduct or management of your resume or other non-marketing information if you wish to know more about our policies regarding the site. Please see the legal message.

7. Change of control and management power Personal data collected on the site may be transferred as part of a merger. Acquisition Or selling company assets As well as in the unlikely event of insolvency, bankruptcy or taking receivership In such cases, personal information will be transferred to other organizations.

8. Changes to this privacy policy We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or update it to another way, this policy at any time. And you agree to be bound as has been updated Change Or that amendment We will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy by announcing an amended policy and specifying the date of amendment on this page. And if you have registered with us We may notify you via email to your email address where information is recorded. If you continue to use the site (Including access, browsing and / or any interaction), you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and any amendments up to date. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy. From time to time to be aware of how we protect personal information we collect.